A Loved One’s Advocacy to Fight Chronic Pain- Pain News
23 Aug 2016 01:58 -

By Ed Coghlan Since we founded the National Pain Report, we’ve met a number of people whose loved ones suffer from chronic pain and advocate for them and the millions of others. One of them is retir [ ... ]

Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo-Big Dreams Come to Life- Pain News
23 Aug 2016 01:58 -

By Gracie Bagosy-Young Editor’s Note- Saturday August 13, the Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo was held near Chicago. It started three years ago as an idea by chronic pain activist Gracie Bagos [ ... ]

Researchers Create “Unprecedented, Weird and Cool” Opioid Painkiller from Scratch- Pain News
23 Aug 2016 01:58 -

By Staff Researchers from U.C. San Francisco, Stanford University, the University of North Carolina and the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg have cooked up a new opioid drug candidate [ ... ]

3rd Annual US Pain Summit- Pain News
19 Aug 2016 07:23 -

By Katie M. Golden Making your way in the world today Takes everything you’ve got; Taking a break from all your worries Sure would help a lot. Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to  [ ... ]

Research Finds Link Between Dry Eyes and Chronic Pain- Pain News
19 Aug 2016 07:23 -

By Tara Heath Dry eye is a medical condition suffered by those whose eyes either don’t produce sufficient tears or they are of poor quality. Without sufficient lubrication for these eyes, they are a [ ... ]

Scientists Target Brain Cells to Alleviate Neuropathic Pain- Pain News
19 Aug 2016 07:23 -

By Staff More than one million Americans have neuropathic pain. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if that pain could be reduced or even eliminated? Scientists at Rutgers University think that targeting br [ ... ]

Why Are You Stiff in the Morning? New Discovery May Help Improve Treatment of Painful Inflammatory D...
19 Aug 2016 07:23 -

By Staff A protein created by the body’s “biological clock” (circadian) that actively represses inflammatory pathways during the night is responsible for that stiffness many feel in the morning, [ ... ]

DEA Doesn’t Budget on Marijuana Classification but Relents (A little) on Research- Pain News
14 Aug 2016 07:46 -

By Ed Coghlan If the medical benefits of marijuana are going to be approved by the federal government, it won’t happen while Barack Obama is President. The Drug Enforcement Administration declared m [ ... ]

Last Day to Sign the National Pain Strategy Petition- Pain News
14 Aug 2016 07:46 -

By Ed Coghlan Friday August 12 is the deadline to sign a petition that urges the White House to direct the Department of Health and Human Services to fund the National Pain Strategy. (To Sign The Peti [ ... ]

Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo Attracts Hundreds- Pain News
14 Aug 2016 07:46 -

By Ed Coghlan 600 people have registered for the 3rd Annual Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo in Northbrook, Illinois this Saturday (August 12th). The registration is double last year’s event. I [ ... ]

Rebutting Media Hype About Opioids- Pain News
14 Aug 2016 07:46 -

By Angelika Byczkowski Open Letter to the Media: Ever since you started writing about the “Opioid Crisis in America”, you have ignored the millions of us that suffer with serious and incurable, bu [ ... ]

The “Whole Truth” About Resolving Pain and Opioid Dependency- Pain News
14 Aug 2016 07:46 -

By Stephen Rodrigues, MD Stephen Rodriguez, MD is a pain specialist and author currently writing a book on resolving pain through physical therapy, accupuncture, and holistic methods in an effort to a [ ... ]

Opinion: Sign The National Pain Strategy Petition- Pain News
10 Aug 2016 08:01 -

By Ed Coghlan At the National Pain Report, we often leave the opinion making to folks who are advocates for any number of issues. And it’s our position to allow those varying points of view on ou [ ... ]

FDA Incentivizing Pharma to Develop Less Abusable Pain Medicines - Pain News
08 Aug 2016 09:14 -

FDA and Pharma commit to balanced solutions to curb addiction, treat pain. By: Sidney H. Schnoll, MD, PhD and Jack Henningfield, PhD With opioid abuse and misuse continuing to be a public health probl [ ... ]

STUDY: Chondroitin + Glucosamine Sulfate No Better Than Placebo for People with Knee Osteoarthritis...
08 Aug 2016 09:14 -

By Staff Chondroitin sulfate (CS) plus glucosamine sulfate (GS) was shown to be no better than placebo for reducing pain and function impairment for people with knee osteoarthritis, a study published  [ ... ]

The Crime of Chronic Pain- Pain News
08 Aug 2016 09:14 -

By Cynthia Toussaint I met Eddie on my first date with my life partner John nearly 36 years ago. John took me to a premier of Robert Redford’s masterpiece Ordinary People at the old dome theater in  [ ... ]

The Bottom of My IV Stand Looks Exactly Like an Asterisk- Pain News
05 Aug 2016 02:25 -

By Katelyn O’Leary This is the only thing I can think of as I slowly walk back to my bed, my nurse gently guiding me so I don’t fall. I keep thinking of the asterisk, despite the buzzing of the ke [ ... ]

Burnout- Pain News
04 Aug 2016 03:54 -

By Angelika Byczkowski I’m starting to burn out from the relentless onslaught of anti-opioid propaganda. I started my blog about chronic pain years ago, before the anti-opioid groups had become so v [ ... ]

Have Fibromyalgia? Study Finds Significant Improvement in Pain Perception, Vitality and Mental Heal...
04 Aug 2016 03:54 -

By Staff Ai Chi is a water-based strengthening and relaxation therapy that may help people with fibromyalgia (FM) achieve improved mental and physical health while also increasing quality of life, acc [ ... ]

How Do I Advocate for Chronic Pain?- Pain News
01 Aug 2016 08:33 -

By Ed Coghlan People individually and collectively are beginning to advocate to the federal government about the need for the government (and its health care agencies) to expand its focus from a crack [ ... ]

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