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Cursing Chronic Pain? For Grace Says Yes! - Pain News Featured

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Cursing Chronic Pain? For Grace Says Yes!

Women disproportionately suffer from pain and often feel that they are undertreated by health care providers.

So what to do?

Talk about it–or perhaps even curse about it, which is what the 8th annual Women in Pain Conference will do next month (September) in Los Angeles. It is sponsored by For Grace, a non profit that is devoted to promoting better care and wellness for women in pain.

“Cursing Therapy” will be featured this year, because according to conference organizers, studies prove a couple of well chose four-letter words can decrease pain. Cynthia Toussaint is the Founder and Spokesperson, For Grace and author of Battle for Grace

“This year our theme is ‘Transform Pain into Strength: The Power of the Comeback’ where we’ll focus on resilience. When we’re broadsided by chronic pain, we lose most everything that was important and that we could count on. In order to survive and thrive, we must pick ourselves back up, reinvent ourselves and move forward. To do that, resilience is key. Whether we’re born with an abundance of resilience or not, we can all learn to develop it. And that’s what our day is all about,” she told the National Pain Report.

If cursing isn’t your thing, how about pole dancing. The conference will feature women in pain who have turned to pole dancing and burlesque performance to reignite their lives.

University of Michigan pain psychologist and researcher Dr. Afton Hassett and author of Chronic Resilence Danea Horn to guide women in pain out of the darkness and into the light of comeback. Actor Kevin Dobson, who attends each year, will empower attendees with resilience readings.

The event is set for September 11 in Los Angeles. It starts at 9 am at the California Endowment. If you’d like to register, you can do so here.

The National Pain Report has explored the concept of women in pain. Our Women in Pain online survey attracted over 2500 response from women. It showed that women in pain suffer from a myriad of health care maladies including fibromyalgia and back pain which were the two most commonly cited. In addition, they talked about their frustration in terms of how they were treated by the doctors.



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