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DEA, Integrative Pain Care to Headline Pain Conference- Pain News Featured

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DEA, Integrative Pain Care to Headline Pain Conference

Addressing the “whole person” with pain is the focus of a major meeting of chronic pain professionals in Orlando, Florida that opens Friday September 25.

While there are a large number of interesting sessions scheduled, two pop out.

On Sunday morning, Richard Tucker will talk about pain regulations in the 21st century entitled: “What the DEA Wants You to Know”. The DEA’s decision to reschedule hydrocodone last October has probably been the single most disruptive event in the treatment of chronic pain in the last year. Tucker is a drug education and law enforcement consultant who once worked for the DEA.

The conference opener on Friday afternoon features Dr. Richard L. Stieg of Colorado who will discuss chronic opioid therapy in the 21st century. Dr. Stieg, who is a former past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, will soon retire and has put the patients in his practice on a mandatory opioid tapering program which was featured earlier this month on the National Pain Report. He is retiring from full-time medicine and believes that his patients who are using opioids will have a hard time finding doctors who will continue to prescribe them.

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