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Ginger may help relieve muscle aches

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(ĐTĐ) - Ginger, well known as a treatment for an upset stomach, may also be effective for relieving muscle pain following strenuous exercise, U.S. researchers say.

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Researchers at the University of Georgia and Georgia College and State University examined the efficacy of multiple days of ginger doses for relieving experimentally induced muscle pain from 18 muscle exercises.

Student volunteers were tested on 11 consecutive days while taking ginger supplements.

Seventy-four student volunteers were divided into three groups and given either raw ginger, heated ginger or placebo for 11 consecutive days.

The study, published in The Journal of Pain Results, finds the subjects' response data showed both raw and heat-treated ginger lowered muscle pain intensity after exercise by 25 percent and 23 percent, respectively. Heat treating ginger did not increase the analgesic benefit, the researchers say.

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