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Current Concepts in Managing Chronic Ankle Pain

(ĐTĐ) – Most ankle injuries improve quickly, but others become long-term problems. Knowing how to accurately and efficiently make the diagnosis and manage such injuries is an important part of any primary care or orthopaedic practice.   Ankle injuries rank among the most common musculoskeletal complaints, often sending patients to an emergency department or primary […]

Law of Pain: The Biochemical Origin of Pain Theory

Law of Pain: The Biochemical Origin of Pain Theory – We propose a Law of Pain which states that: The origin of all pain is inflammation and the inflammatory response[21]. This Law unifies all pain syndromes as sharing a common origin of inflammation and the inflammatory response. It is our theory that nociceptive and neuropathic […]

Law of Pain: The Prior Theories

Law of Pain: The Prior Theories – We are proposing a unifying theory or law of pain, which states: The origin of all pain is inflammation and the inflammatory response. The biochemical mediators of inflammation include cytokines, neuropeptides, growth factors and neurotransmitters.   Abstract We are proposing a unifying theory or law of pain, which […]

Gate Control Pain Theory

(ĐTĐ) – The gate control theory of pain was developed by Melzack and Wall to account for mechanisms by which other cutaneous stimuli and emotional states alter the level of pain. Tiếng Việt >> They suggested that within the substantia gelatinosa of the dorsal horn, there are interneurons that presynaptically inhibit transmission of nociceptive information […]

Pain Pathways

(ĐTĐ) – Pain is a central perception of multiple primary sensory modalities. This interpretive function is complex, involving psychological, neuroanatomic, neurochemical, and neurophysiologic factors of both the pain stimulus and the memory of past pain experiences. Tiếng Việt >> The peripheral mechanisms for sensing and modulating pain have been extensively studied during the past 30 […]

Pain: Chronic and Acute

(ĐTĐ) – Pain is purely subjective, difficult to define, and often hard to characterize or interpret. It is currently defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional response to a stimulus associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage (3–5). However, pain has never been shown to be a simple […]

Nerve Pain Self-Care

Nerve Pain Self-care

Living with nerve pain can be a long-term proposition. Some neuropathic pain gets better with treatment or on its own, but that can take months or years. Other nerve pain stays the same for years or worsens slowly. Some nerve pain can’t be reversed. Your doctor can help you identify and treat your neuropathic pain […]

Stress Relaxation and Natural Pain Relief

Stress Relaxation And Natural Pain Relief

Chronic pain is complex. Research over the past 25 years has shown that pain is influenced by emotional and social factors. These need to be addressed along with the physical causes of pain. Chronic stress is one factor that contributes to chronic pain. The good news is that you can get natural pain relief by […]