Beyond Opioids: The Future of Pain Management

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A three-day weekend spent jumping and dancing on Labor Day 2014 had left her with a neck injury – specifically the cervical spine – that was possibly an exacerbation of an unrecognized mountain biking injury earlier that year. To make...

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Gout - Definition, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Gout is a term used to refer to a group of disease states caused by tissue deposition of monosodium urate due to prolonged hyperuricemia. Clinical manifestations of gout include acute and chronic arthritis, soft tissue inflammation, tophus formation, gouty nephropathy...

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How Our Stuff Might Be Making Us Sicker- Pain News

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Donna Gregory Burch Lately I’ve been wondering if our material possessions could play a role in our fibromyalgia symptoms. My ruminating started a few months ago when the KonMari craze was at its peak. My YouTube feed was flooded with...

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- Triệu chứng: Đau các khớp kèm theo sưng nóng đỏ. Gặp trong các bệnh viêm khớp cấp hoặc đợt cấp của viêm khớp mạn tính.

- Phép trị: Thanh nhiệt giải độc, khu phong trừ thấp thông lạc.

- Phương dược:

+ Quế chi thược dược tri mẫu thang:

Quế chi 8g               Tri mẫu        12g

          Bạch truật     12g             Bạch thược    12g

          Ma hoàng      8g               Cam thảo      8g

          Phòng phong 12g             Sinh khương 2g

          Phụ tử chế    12g

Công dụng: trừ phong thấp, thanh lý nhiệt, thông kinh lạc.

Chủ trị: chứng phong thấp nhiệt viêm khớp cấp có sưng nóng đỏ đau, sốt, đợt cấp của viêm khớp mạn.

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